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CPL Press is a UK-based life science publisher (SME) that also provides technical consultancy. Originally part of the CPL Scientific Group, established in Newbury (UK) in the 1980s, it became fully independent in 2001. The Managing Director is Katy Hall, with qualifications and considerable experience in database and website design, implementation and management. Much of the consultancy is done by Jim Coombs with almost 40 years experience in research, industry and consulting. Design and website development is contributed by Roger Coombs who has extensive experience in these areas as well as technical writing, PR and publishing. The majority of CPL’s activities relate to renewable energy (particularly biomass and bioenergy), renewable bioproducts, agriculture, food and the environment.

Our main activities are:

1. The CPL Press Online Life Sciences Bookshop
2. Publication of Books CD-ROMs, brochures, and
3. Design and management of websites
4. Consultancy in biomass energy and related topics
5. European Projects

During the last decade, The CPL Press Online bookshop has made available a wide range of titles focused on life sciences, renewable energy and the environment. The titles listed on www.cplbookshop.com reflect the overall interests and activities of CPL Press. However, we are able to rapidly provide other titles from the publishers we deal with. So if you cannot locate the specific book you need, please contact us.

Higher quality service in a secure environment

Over the last 18 months, we have considerably expanded the range of publications and number of publishers available through the bookshop; while at the same time making significant changes behind the scenes, to manage our growth in customers. We combine an inhouse database system with the proven 'Shopsite' shopping cart on a provate server, and integrate with ‘WorldPay’ for credit card payments using Thawte 128-bit SSL encryption.

This ensures that we can provide the highest quality of service in a secure environment.

An independent specialist in life science book sales

The independence and robust infrastructure of the cpl bookshop has enabled significant growth over the last year and allows for continuing expansion of this leading source of publications covering the life sciences and related areas in the years to come.

Each month we select the best new titles from leading life science publishers and catalogue these within our database using over 1000 specialist keywords. In particular, we focus on sectors in which we

  • have extensive experience and knowledge
  • continue to offer consultancy
  • provide expert services to the European Commission.

On this basis, we include publications on:

  • Renewable energy, with the emphasis on biomass energy
  • Agriculture and food, with an emphasis on sustainable systems and biological control
  • Biotechnology, with an emphasis on plant and microbial systems
  • Environment, with an emphasis on biological aspects and organic waste treatment

Recent Additions to the CPL Bookshop

We are constantly adding new titles to the website, as well as expanding the number of publishers we handle. We can now provide publications from CABI Publishing (UK) and Synapse (USA) but are sorry to report that Intercept is no longer trading. However, many of their titles are still available through Lavoisier (France). We are also now adding publications from Oxford University Press, Imperial College Press, LIOR and others, as well as continuing to market publications from all the major imprints such as Elsevier, Wiley, Springer, CRC, and specialists such as BCPC in the UK and the American learned societies AACC (cereals) and APS (plant pathology).

In previous newsletters we have specifically listed ‘recent additions’. However, since the last edition, we have added well over 1000 titles making this impractical. To overcome this we have added a new recent additions link , which appears on the right had side of all pages. This is constantly up-dated and will thus remain current, always listing the most recent books we have added to the website.

Book finder service

Although we specialise in the areas listed above, this is not restrictive. We we are always happy to use our contacts in the publishing industry to rapidly locate other books in science and engineering if you are having difficulty finding them.

Over 20 years, CPL has established a reputation as a publisher of high quality, technical and scientific works, including conference proceedings, catalogues, brochures and directories as printed or electronic media. If you have a project in mind, please contact katy@cplpress.com or call
+44 1635 292 443.

Latest CPL Press Publications

Recent publications from the CPL Press imprint include:

Science in Thermal and Chemical Biomass Conversion

Available now >>

Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass: A Handbook Volume 3

Available now >>

Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass: A handbook Volume 4
in preparation

Professional Publishing Services

Examples of ‘not-for-sale’ publications produced for our clients include:

European Energy Agencies 2006

Produced for the European Commission this pocket-sized, 184 page directory provides contact details of more than 350 agencies in over 30 countries.

Realising the Promise of Bioenergy

This 64 page A4 brochure contains the programme, abstracts and papers of the 2006 conference hosted by TV Energy in association with the International Energy Agency.

In addition to the establishment, design and management of this website, CPL has designed and currently maintains several major websites supported by the European Commission. A common feature is the nature and extent (several sites running to 1000s of pages) of the information made available through these sites which highlight topics at the forefront of the emphasis placed now on sustainability within the European Union.

www.managenergy.org is focused on all aspects of renewable energy and aims to support Local, Regional and National Energy actors throughout the EU. Now in its 5th year, the site receives 65000 unique visitors each week and has over 8500 registrants who receive a monthly e-newsletter written and delivered by CPL Press.

More recently, CPL Press has developed an educational section for ManagEnergy (www.managenergy.net/kidscorner/) with Flash animations, PDF downloads, interactive games, e-postcards, and an extensive photo gallery aimed at two age groups (7-11 and 12-16). This is linked to a searchable database of energy education resources for teachers developed in PHP/MySQL.

www.epobio.net is the window for the EC/USA joint agreement on Biotechnology aimed at Realising the Economic Potential of Sustainable Resources covering Bioproducts from Non-food Crops and the development of biorefineries.

In its first year, EPOBIO now incorporates http://www.biomatnet.org, which has been running for over 10 years as a means of disseminating the results of EC-funded research and related activities in the area of renewable bioproducts and biomass energy systems.

www.setatwork.eu is another relatively new site, established in 2006 as the focal point for the ‘Sustainable Energy Technology at Work’ project that provides free services in support of Sustainable Energy Brokerage. This covers both the EU greenhouse gas Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and the EU Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), as well as providing opportunities for Sustainable Energy Technology (SET) Providers.

In October 2006, work on a further site (www.biofuelstp.eu) was commenced by CPL as part of our contribution to the Secretariat of the newly established Biofuels Technology Platform, which aims to support the growth of Public-Private partnerships and promote Research and Development of liquid biofuels such as bioethanol and biodiesel within the EU. The site will be launched in early 2007.

Similar sites have been set up for various companies in association with our sister organisation Leafstream (http://www.leafstream.co.uk), which specialises in creative electronic publishing services that don't cost the earth.

Consultancy is provided to companies, governmental and non-governmental organisations in areas related to biomass energy and organic waste treatment. In addition to database and website developments services to the European Commission provided by CPL over the last 20 years includes expert contracts, studies and reports, project evaluations, concerted actions, research projects, accompanying measures, service contracts, technical brochures and other publications, for the Agriculture, Research and Energy & Transport DGs, as well as reviewing the commercial impact of non-food RTD projects financed by the EC under ECLAIR, AIR and FP5. Most recent commercial consultancy has related to the production of liquid and gaseous biofuels, with an emphasis on bioethanol and biogas.

For further information about our publishing, CD production and website design and development services in the areas of renewable energy, bioproducts, biotechnology and sustainable agriculture, please contact Katy Hall or Dr Jim Coombs:

E: katy@cplpress.com or jim@cplpress.com    
T: +44 1635 292 443



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