environmental protection

Also indexed as: conservation

A Colour Atlas of Plant Propagation and Conservation
Edited by Bryan G. Bowes 
Manson Publishing  1999   more details

A Guidebook for Integrated Ecological Assessments
M.E. Jensen USDA Forest Service, P.S. Bourgeron University of Colorado 
Springer Verlag  2001   more details

A Primer of Conservation Genetics
Richard Frankham, Jonathan Ballou, David Briscoe, Illustrated by Karina H. McInnes 
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Activated Carbon Surfaces in Environmental Remediation
Teresa J. Bandosz 
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Against Extinction - The Story of Conservation
William M Adams 
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Air Pollution Modelling and Simulation
Edited by Sportisse, B. 
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Air Pollution and Health in Rapidly Developing Countries
Edited by Frank Murray and Gordon McGranahan 
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Ian F. Spellerberg, John W. D. Sawyer, Foreword by Tony Whitten 
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Edited by Guy R. McPherson, Stephen DeStefano 
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Applied Wetlands Science and Technology, Second Edition
Edited by Donald M Kent 
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Applying Landscape Ecology in Biological Conservation
Edited by K Gutzwiller 
Springer  2002   more details

Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling: An Introduction to Practical Applications
Rod Barratt 
Earthscan  2001   more details

Barn Owls: Predator-Prey Relationships and Conservation
Iain Taylor 
Cambridge University Press  2004   more details

Beetle Conservation
Edited by T R New 
Springer  2007   more details

Behaviour and Conservation
Edited by L. Morris Gosling, William J. Sutherland 
Cambridge University Press  2000   more details

Biodiversity - A Challenge for Development Research and Policy
Edited by W Barthlott and M Winiger 
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Edited by Hawksworth, David L.; Bull, Alan T. 
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Louise E Buck, Charles C Geisler, John Schelhas, Eva Wollenberg 
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Biological Invasions: Economic and Environmental Costs of Alien Plant, Animal, and Microbe Species (2nd ed)
Edited by David Pimentel 
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Biological Pollution: An Emerging Global Menace
Edited by Kerry O. Britton 
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Biosolids Treatment Processes
Edited by Wang, Lawrence K.; Shammas, Nazih K.; Hung, Yung-Tse 
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Biotechnology for the Environment: Soil Remediation
Edited by Spiros N. Agathos and Walter Reineke 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  December 2002   more details

Birds, Scythes and Combines - A History of Birds and Agricultural Change
Michael Shrubb 
Cambridge University Press  July 2003   more details

Capturing Carbon and Conserving Biodiversity - The Market Approach
Edited by Ian R. Swingland 
Earthscan  May 2003   more details

Centrarchid Fishes: Diversity, Biology and Conservation
Edited by Steven Cooke, David P. Philipp 
Wiley-Blackwell  May 2009   more details

Challenges of a Changing Earth
Edited by Steffen, W., Jäger, J.,Carson, D. J., Bradshaw, C. 
Springer  2003   more details

Changing Landscapes - The Development of The International Tropical Timber Organization And Its Influence on Tropical Forest Management
Duncan Poore 
Earthscan  May 2003   more details

Chemical Degradation Methods for Wastes and Pollutants - Environmental and Industrial Applications
Matthew A. Tarr 
Marcel Dekker  August 2003   more details

Climate Change - Causes, Effects, and Solutions
Hardy, John T. 
John Wiley & Sons  April 2003   more details

Climate Change and Sustainable Development: Prospects for Developing Countries
Edited by Anil Markandya and Kirsten Halsnaes 
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Coastal Conservation and Management: An Ecological Perspective
J. Pat Doody 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  November 2000   more details

Coastal Dunes - Ecology and Conservation
Edited by Martínez, M. Luisa; Psuty, Norbert P. 
Springer Verlag  2004   more details

Coastal Processes with Engineering Applications
Robert G. Dean, Robert A. Dalrymple 
Cambridge University Press  2004   more details

Conceptual Ecology and Invasion Biology: Reciprocal Approaches to Nature
Edited by Cadotte, Marc W.; McMahon, Sean M.; Fukami, Tadashi 
Springer  2006   more details

Clive Hambler 
Cambridge University Press  2004   more details

Conservation Biological Control
Edited by Pedro Barbosa 
Academic Press  1998   more details

Conservation Biology (Pullin)
Edited by Andrew S. Pullin 
Cambridge University Press  June 2002   more details

Conservation Farming in the United States: Methods and Accomplishments of the STEEP Program
Edgar Michalson, R I Papendick and John Carlson 
CRC Press  December 1998   more details

Conservation and the Genetics of Populations
Fred W. Allendorf and Gordon Luikart 
Blackwell  June 2006   more details

Conservation of Exploited Species
Edited by John D. Reynolds, Georgina M. Mace, Kent H. Redford, John G. Robinson 
Cambridge University Press  October 2001   more details

Conservation of Genetic Resources - Costs and Implications for a Sustainable Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
Edited by D Virchow 
Springer Verlag  1999   more details

Conserving Bird Biodiversity - General Principles and their Application
Edited by Ken Norris, Deborah J. Pain 
Cambridge University Press  June 2002   more details

Conserving Living Natural Resources - In the Context of a Changing World
Bertie Josephson Weddell 
Cambridge University Press  March 2002   more details

Contaminated Soils, Sediments and Water: Science in the Real World
Edited by Calabrese, Edward J.; Kostecki, Paul T.; Dragun, James 
Springer  2005   more details

Coral Health and Disease
Edited by Rosenberg, Eugene; Loya, Yossi 
Springer  2004   more details

Coral Reef Conservation
Edited by Isabelle M. Côté, John D. Reynolds 
CUP  August 2006   more details

Coral Reef Restoration Handbook
Edited by William F. Precht 
CRC Press  May 2006   more details

Dehalogenation - Microbial Processes and Environmental Applications
Max M. Häggblom and Ingeborg D. Bossert 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  April 2003   more details

Design for Sustainability: A Sourcebook of Integrated Eco-logical Solutions
Janis Birkeland 
Earthscan  2002   more details

Dictionary of Environmental Science and Technology - 4th Edition
Porteous, Andrew 
John Wiley & Sons  April 2008   more details

Disease Control in Crops: Biological and Environmentally - Friendly Approaches
Edited by Dale Walters 
Wiley-Blackwell  March 2009   more details

Dynamic Modeling for Marine Conservation
Springer  2002   more details

Ecological Modeling for Resource Management
Edited by Dale, Virginia H. 
Springer  2003   more details

Ecological Networks and Greenways - Concept, Design, Implementation
Edited by Rob Jongman, Gloria Pungetti 
Cambridge University Press  July 2004   more details

Ecological Risk Assessment for Contaminated Sites
Edited by Glenn W Suter II, Rebecca Efroymson, Bradley E Sample, Daniel S Jones 
CRC Press  2000   more details

Ecology - Principles and Applications - 2nd Edition
J. L. Chapman, M. J. Reiss 
Cambridge University Press  1998   more details

Ecology - The Experimental Analysis of Distribution and Abundance: International Edition (6th ed)
Charles Krebs 
Pearson Education  October 2008   more details

Ecology and Control of Introduced Plants
Edited by Judith Myers and Dawn Bazly 
Cambridge University Press  2003   more details

Ecology and Field Biology: Hands-On Field Package (with CD and Additional Printed Guide) - 6th Edition
Robert Smith, Thomas Smith 
Pearson Education  March 2002   more details

Economic Botany: Principles and Practices
Gerald E. Wickens 
Springer  2004   more details

Ecoregion-Based Design for Sustainability
Bailey, Robert G. 
Springer  2002   more details

Ecosystems - Balancing Science with Management
Edited by Vogt, K., Patel-Weynand, T., Witten, E., Gordon, J., Wargo, J., Vogt, D., Asbjornsen, H., Palmiotto, P. A., Clark, H. J., O'Hara, J. L., Keaton, W. S. 
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Ecosystems and Human Health: Toxicology and Environmental Hazards, Second Edition
Richard B Philp 
CRC Press  2001   more details

Efficient Conservation of Crop Genetic Diversity - Theoretical Approaches and Empirical Studies
Edited by Virchow, Detlef 
Springer  2002   more details

Elements of Ecology - 7th Edition
Robert Smith, Thomas Smith 
Pearson Education  October 2008   more details

Emerging Organic Pollutants in Waste Waters and Sludge Vol. 1
Edited by Barceló, Damia 
Springer  September 2004   more details

Encyclopedia of Ecology and Environmental Management
Edited by Peter Calow 
Blackwell Publishing  1999   more details

Environmental Challenges and Greenhouse Gas Control for Fossil Fuel Utilization in the 21st Century
Edited by M. Mercedes Maroto-Valer, Chunshan Song, Yee Soong 
Kluwer Academic/Plenum  August 2002   more details

Environmental Challenges in the Mediterranean 2000-2050
Edited by Antonio Marquina 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  2004   more details

Environmental Dilemmas and Policy Design
Huib Pellikaan, Robert J. van der Veen 
Cambridge University Press  2002   more details

Environmental Geochemistry of Potentially Toxic Metals
Siegel, Frederic R 
Springer  2002   more details

Environmental Impact Assessment of Recycled Wastes on Surface and Ground Waters - Chemodynamics, Toxicology, and Modeling
Edited by Kassim, Tarek A.; Williamson, Kenneth J. 
Springer  October 2004   more details

Environmental Modelling - Finding Simplicity in Complexity
Edited by Wainwright, John; Mulligan, Mark 
John Wiley & Sons  January 2004   more details

Environmental Monitoring
Edited by G. Bruce Wiersma 
CRC Press  2004   more details

Environmental Monitoring and Biodiagnostics of Hazardous Contaminants
Edited by Michael Healy, Donald L. Wise and Murray Moo-Young 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  2001   more details

Environmental Policy in the European Union: Actors, Institutions and Processes (Second edition)
Edited by Andrew Jordan 
Earthscan  2005   more details

Environmental Pollution Control Microbiology: a fifty year perspective
Ross E. McKinney 
Marcel Dekker  2004   more details

Environmental Science and Technology: A Sustainable Approach to Green Science and Technology, Second Edition
Stanley E. Manahan 
CRC Press  October 2006   more details

Environmental Toxicology
David A. Wright, Pamela Welbourn 
Cambridge University Press  March 2002   more details

Environmentally Benign Approaches for Pulp Bleaching
P. Bajpai 
Elsevier Science  August 2005   more details

Ethnobotany - a methods manual
Gary J. Martin 
Earthscan  January 2004   more details

Evolutionary Conservation Biology
Régis Ferričre, Ulf Dieckmann, Denis Couvet 
Cambridge University Press  June 2004   more details

Flexibility in Climate Policy - Making the Kyoto Mechanisms Work
Edited by Stuart Parkinson, Tim Jackson and Katie Begg 
Earthscan  January 2001   more details

Food Industry and the Environment In the European Union: Practical Issues and Cost Implications (Second Edition )
Janet M. Dalzell 
Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers  November 1999   more details

Forest Biodiversity: Lessons from History for Conservation
Edited by O Honnay, K Verheyen, B Bossuyt, M Hermy 
CABI  March 2004   more details

Forest Canopies, 2nd Edition
Margaret Lowman, H. Bruce Rinker 
Academic Press  September 2004   more details

Forest Climbing Plants of West Africa: Diversity, Ecology and Management
Edited by F Bongers, M P E Parren, D Traoré 
CABI  June 2005   more details

Freeliving Freshwater Protozoa
D. J. Patterson 
Manson Publishing  1995   more details

From Landscape Research to Landscape Planning - Aspects of Integration, Education and Application
Edited by B Tress, G Tress, G Fry, G.and P Opdam 
Springer  October 2005   more details

Fungal Conservation - Issues and Solutions
Edited by David Moore, Marijke M. Nauta, Shelley E. Evans, Maurice Rotheroe 
Cambridge University Press  June 2001   more details

Global Environment Outlook 3: Past, Present and Future Perspectives
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) 
Earthscan  2002   more details

Global Environmental Change - Modeling and Monitoring
Edited by KY Kondratyev, VF Krapivin and GW Phillips 
Springer  2002   more details

Global Environmental Issues (2nd edition)
Edited by Harris, Frances 
Wiley-Blackwell  February 2012   more details

Global Environmental Risk
Edited by Jeanne X Kasperson and Roger E Kasperson 
Earthscan  2001   more details

Green Manure/Cover Crop Systems of Smallholder Farmers - Experiences from Tropical and Subtropical Regions
Edited by Eilittä, Marjatta; Mureithi, Joseph; Derpsch, Rolf 
Springer  2004   more details

Greening Trade and Investment: Environmental Protection Without Protectionism
Eric Neumayer 
Earthscan  2001   more details

Greening the Industrial Facility: Perspectives, Approaches, and Tools
Graedel, Thomas, Howard-Grenville, Jennifer 
Springer  2005   more details

Habitat Conservation - Managing the Physical Environment
Edited by Warren, Andrew; French, Jon R. 
John Wiley and Sons  February 2001   more details

Handbook for Restoring Tidal Wetlands
Edited by Joy B Zedler 
CRC Press  2000   more details

Handbook of Air Pollution Prevention and Control
Nicholas P Cheremisinoff 
Butterworth Heinmann  2002   more details

Handbook of Ecological Restoration - Volumes 1 & 2
Edited by Martin R. Perrow, Anthony J. Davy 
Cambridge University Press  September 2008   more details

Handbook of Ecotoxicology
Edited by Peter Callow 
Blackwell Publishing  1997   more details

Handbook of Environmental Risk Assessment and Management
Edited by Peter Calow 
Blackwell Publishing  1997   more details

Handbook of Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing
Edited by Christian N. Madu 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  November 2000   more details

Handbook of Polymers in Paper Conservation
Elisabetta Princi 
RAPRA  November 2011   more details

Handbook of Slope Stabilisation Engineering
Edited by Ortigao, J.A.R.; Sayao, Alberto 
Springer  2004   more details

Handbook of Solid Waste management and Waste Minimization Technologies
Nicholas P Cheremisinoff 
Butterworth Heinemann  2002   more details

Handbook of the Convention on Biological Diversity
Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity 
Earthscan  2001   more details

Hazardous Air Pollutant Handbook: Measurements, Properties, and Fate in Ambient Air
Edited by Chester W Spicer, Sydney M Gordon, Thomas J Kelly, Michael W Holdren, R. Mukund 
CRC Press  2002   more details

Hazardous and Radioactive Waste Treatment Technologies Handbook
Chang H Oh 
CRC Press  2001   more details

Herpetology (Pearson) - 3rd Edition
F. Pough, Robin Andrews, John Cadle, Martha Crump, Alan Savitsky, Kentwood Wells 
Pearson Education  August 2003   more details

Herpetology - An Introductory Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles (Third Edition)
Laurie J. Vitt and Janalee P. Caldwell 
Academic Press  2009   more details

Industrial Biofouling - Detection, Prevention and Control
Edited by Walker, James T.; Surman, Susanne; Jass, Jana 
John Wiley & Sons  September 2000   more details

Industrial Combustion Pollution and Control
Charles E. Baukal 
Marcel Dekker  2003   more details

Insect Conservation Biology
Edited by A J A Stewart, T R New and O T Lewis 
CABI  June 2007   more details

Insect Diversity Conservation
J. Samways 
CUP  January 2005   more details

Integrated Land Use and Environmental Models - A Survey of Current Applications and Research
Edited by Guhathakurta, Subhrajit 
Springer  2003   more details

International Documents on Environmental Liability
Descamps, Hannes, Slabbinck, Robin, Bocken, Hubert 
Springer  May 2008   more details

Introduction to Biodeterioration - 2nd Edition (2004)
Dennis Allsopp, Kenneth Seal, Christine Gaylarde 
Cambridge University Press  October 2004   more details

Introduction to Conservation Genetics (2nd edition)
Richard Frankham, Jonathan D. Ballou, David A. Briscoe 
Cambridge University Press  January 2010   more details

Issues and Perspectives in Landscape Ecology
Edited by John A. Wiens and Michael R. Moss 
CUP  April 2005   more details

Issues in Bioinvasion Science
Edited by Capdevila-Argüelles, Laura; Zilletti, Bernardo 
Springer  2005   more details

Just Sustainabilities - Development In An Unequal World
Edited by Julian Agyeman, Robert D Bullard and Bob Evans 
Earthscan  2003   more details

Lake and Reservoir Management
Edited by E. Jorgensen, H. Loffler, W. Rast, M. Straskraba 
Elsevier  2004   more details

Land Resources - Now and for the Future
Anthony Young 
Cambridge University Press  1998   more details

Maintaining Biodiversity in Forest Ecosystems
Edited by M. L. Hunter 
Cambridge University Press  1999   more details

Making Waves: Integrating Coastal Conservation and Development
W Neil Adger, Katrina Brown and Emma L Tompkins 
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Management and Ecology of Lake & Reservoir Fisheries
Edited by I G Cowx 
Blackwell Publishing  2002   more details

Managing Protected Areas - a global guide
Edited by Michael Lockwood, Graeme Worboys and Ashish Kothari 
Earthscan  November 2006   more details

Marine Biofouling: Colonization Processes and Defenses
CRC Press  2003   more details

Marine Protected Areas for Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises - a world handbook for cetacean habitat conservation (2nd ed)
Erich Hoyt 
Earthscan  June 2011   more details

Membranes for Industrial Wastewater Recovery and Re-use
S Judd 
Elsevier  2002   more details

Modelling Radiocesium in Lakes and Coastal Areas-New Approaches for Ecosystem Modellers
Edited by Lars Hĺkanson 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  2000   more details

Molecular Methods in Ecology
Edited by Allan Barker 
Blackwell Publishing  2000   more details

Mountain Biodiversity: A Global Assessment
Christian Korner, E. Spehn 
CRC Press  2002   more details

Natural Resource and Environmental Economics - 3rd Edition
Roger Perman, Michael Common, James Mcgilvray, Yue Ma 
Pearson  March 2003   more details

Natural Woodland
Edited by George Peterken 
Cambridge University Press  1996   more details

Nature Across Cultures: Views of Nature and the Environment in Non-Western Cultures
Edited by Helaine Selin 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  September 2003   more details

Nature Conservation - Concepts and Practice
Edited by Dan Gafta and John R Akeroyd 
Springer  November 2006   more details

Neotropical Savannas and Dry Forests: Plant Diversity, Biogeography, and Conservation
Edited by R. Toby Pennington, Gwilym P. Lewis & James A. Ratter 
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No Tillage Seeding in Conservation Agriculture (2nd Edition)
Edited by C J Baker, K E Saxton, W C T Chamen, D C Reicosky, F Ribeiro, S E Justice and P R Hobbs 
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North-Eastern Tiger Beetles: A Field Guide to Tiger Beetles of New England and Eastern Canada
Edited by Jonathan G Leonard and Ross Taylor Bell 
CRC Press  1998   more details

People and Wildlife, Conflict or Co-existence?
Edited by Rosie Woodroffe, Simon Thirgood and Alan Rabinowitz 
CUP  August 2005   more details

Persistent Organic Pollutants: Environmental Behavior and Pathways of Human Exposure
Edited by Stuart Harrad 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  November 2000   more details

Pesticides in Agriculture and the Environment
Edited by Willis B Wheeler 
Marcel Dekker  2002   more details

Photocatalysis - Science and Technology
Edited by Kaneko, Masao; Okura, Ichiro 
Springer  2003   more details

Phylogeny and Conservation
Edited by Andrew Purvis, John L. Gittleman and Thomas Brooks 
CUP  September 2005   more details

Physiology and Biochemistry of Metal Toxicity and Tolerance in Plants
Edited by M.N.V. Prasad and Kazimierz Strzalka 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  February 2002   more details

Edited by Tsao, D. 
Springer  2003   more details

Plant Conservation - An ecosystems approach
Alan Hamilton and Patrick Hamilton 
Earthscan  February 2006   more details

Plant Pathogen Detection and Disease Diagnosis (Second edition, revised and expanded)
P Narayanasamy 
Marcel Dekker  August 2001   more details

Plant Resources for Food, Fuel and Conservation
Robert Henry 
Earthscan  December 2010   more details

Policing International Trade in Endangered Species: The CITIES Treaty and Compliance
Rosalind Reeve 
Earthscan  2002   more details

Population Ecology - An Introduction to Computer Simulations
Bernstein, Ruth 
John Wiley & Sons  March 2003   more details

Population Viability in Plants - Conservation, Management, and Modelling of Rare Plants
Edited by Brigham, Christy A.; Schwartz, Mark W. 
Springer  2003   more details

Primates Face to Face - The Conservation Implications of Human-nonhuman Primate Interconnections
Edited by Agustín Fuentes, Linda D. Wolfe 
Cambridge University Press  January 2002   more details

Priorities for the Conservation of Mammalian Diversity - Has the panda had its day?
Edited by Abigail Entwistle, Nigel Dunstone 
Cambridge University Press  July 2000   more details

Protecting the Ozone Layer - The United Nations History
Stephen O Andersen and K Madhava Sarma 
Earthscan  November 2004   more details

Public Health Risk Assessment for Human Exposure to Chemicals
Kofi Asante-Duah 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  September 2002   more details

Recreational Fisheries Ecological, Economic and Social Evaluation
Edited by T J Pitcher and C Hollingworth 
Blackwell - Wiley  2002   more details

Repairing Damaged Wildlands
Cambridge University Press  S. Whisenant   more details

Reproductive Science and Integrated Conservation
Edited by William V. Holt, Amanda R. Pickard, John C. Rodger, David E. Wildt 
Cambridge University Press  December 2002   more details

Resolving Human-Wildlife Conflicts: The Science of Wildlife Damage Management
Michael Conover 
CRC Press  2001   more details

Restoration Ecology and Sustainable Development
Edited by Krystyna M. Urbanska, Nigel R. Webb, Peter J. Edwards 
Cambridge University Press  2000   more details

Riparia - Ecology, Conservation, and Management of Streamside Communities
Robert Naiman, Henri Decamps and Michael McClain 
Academic Press  24 June 2005   more details

Risk-Based Analysis for Environmental Managers
Edited by Kurt A Frantzen 
CRC Press  2001   more details

Rural Planning in Developing Countries - Supporting Natural Resource Management and Sustainable Livelihoods
Olivier Dubois, Barry Dalal-Clayton and David Dent 
Earthscan  2003   more details

Saving Seeds: The Economics of Conserving Crop Genetic Resources Ex Situ in the Future Harvest Centres of CGIAR
Edited by B Koo, P G Pardey, B D Wright 
CABI  October 2004   more details

Seagrass Ecology
Marten Hemminga, Carlos M. Duarte 
Cambridge University Press  October 2000   more details

Selling Forest Environmental Services: Market-based Mechanisms for Conservation and Development
Edited by Stefano Pagiola, Joshua Bishop and Natasha Landell-Mills 
Earthscan  2002   more details

Small and Medium Sized Companies in Europe - Environmental Performance, Competitiveness and Management: International EU Case Studies
Edited by Hitchens, D.M.W.N., Trainor, M., Clausen, J., Thankappan, S., Marchi, B.d. 
Springer  2003   more details

Small is Profitable - The Hidden Economic Benefits of Making Electrical Resources the Right Size
Amory B Lovins et al 
Earthscan  November 2002   more details

Soil Biochemistry, Volume 10
Edited by Jean-Marc Bollag and G Stotzky 
Marcel Dekker  2000   more details

Soil Erosion - Processes, Prediction, Measurement, and Control
Edited by Toy, Terrence J.; Foster, George R.; Renard, Kenneth G. 
John Wiley & Sons  July 2002   more details

Soil Pollution - Origin, Monitoring and Remediation
Edited by Mirsal, Ibrahim 
Springer  January 2008   more details

Soils and Environmental Quality, Third Edition
Edited by Gary M Pierzynski, J. Thomas Sims, George F Vance 
CRC Press  February 2005   more details

Spatial Ecological-Economic Analysis for Wetland Management - Modelling and Scenario Evaluation of Land-Use
Jeroen C. J. M. van den Bergh, Aat Barendregt, Alison J. Gilbert 
Cambridge University Press  June 2004   more details

Stability of Life on Earth - Principal Subject of Scientific Research in the 21st Century
Kondratyev, Kiril, Losev, Kim, Ananicheva, Maria 
Springer  2004   more details

Strategic Environmental Assessment in Transport and Land Use Planning
Thomas B Fischer 
Earthscan  2002   more details

Survival For A Small Planet - The Sustainable Development Agenda (Book with free CD-ROM)
Edited by Tom Bigg 
Earthscan  December 2003   more details

Sustainable Development of Multifunctional Landscapes
Edited by Helming, Katharina ; Wiggering, Hubert 
Springer  2003   more details

Testing for Genetic Manipulation in Plants
Edited by Jackson, J. F., Linskens, H.F., 
Springer  2002   more details

The Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety: Reconciling Trade in Biotechnology with Environment and Development?
Edited by Christoph Bail, Robert Faulkner and Helen Marquard 
Earthscan  2002   more details

The Changing Wildlife of Great Britain and Ireland
Edited by David L Hawksworth 
CRC Press  2003   more details

The Conservation of Cultural Landscape
Edited by M Agnoletti 
CABI  September 2006   more details

The Earthscan Reader on International Trade and Sustainable Development
Edited by Kevin P Gallagher and Jacob Werksman 
Earthscan  2002   more details

The Evolution of Population Biology
Edited by Rama Singh, Marcy Uyenoyama 
Cambridge University Press  2004   more details

The Forest Certification Handbook - 2nd edition
Ruth Nussbaum and Markku Simula 
Earthscan  January 2005   more details

The Forests Handbook - Volumes I & II
Edited by J Evans 
Blackwell Publishing  2001   more details

The Impact of Climate Change on Drylands with a focus on West Africa
Edited by Dietz, A.J.; Ruben, R.; Verhagen, A. 
Springer  2004   more details

The Science of Sustainable Development - Local Livelihoods and the Global Environment
Jeffrey Sayer, Bruce Campbell 
Cambridge University Press  December 2003   more details

Timber Production and Biodiversity Conservation in Tropical Rain Forests
Andrew Grieser Johns with a Foreword by Jeffrey Burley 
Cambridge University Press  1997   more details

Toxicology of Marine Mammals
Joseph G Vos, Gregory Bossart, Michel Fournier, Thomas O'Shea 
CRC Press  December 2002   more details

Treatment of Contaminated Soil - Fundamentals, Analysis, Applications
Edited by R Stegmann, G Brunner, W Calmano and G Matz 
Springer  2001   more details

Tropical Forest Ecology - The Basis for Conservation and Management
Montagnini, Florencia, Jordan, Carl F. 
Springer  2005   more details

UV Radiation and Arctic Ecosystems
D.O. Hessen 
Springer Verlag  2002   more details

Valuation and Conservation of Biodiversity
Edited by M Markussen, R Buse, H Garrelts, M A Manez Costa, S Menzel and R Marggraf. 
Springer  2005   more details

Vertebrate Ecophysiology - An Introduction to its Principles and Applications
Don Bradshaw 
CUP  April 2003   more details

Wastewater Treatment, Biological and Chemical Processes - 3rd Edition
M Henze, P Harremoes, J Cour Jansen and E Arvin 
Springer  2002   more details

Water Resources Quality - Preserving the Quality of our Water Resources
Edited by H Rubin, P Nachtnebel, J Fuerst and U Shamir 
Springer  2002   more details

Way Out of the Woods - Learning How to Manage Trees and Forests
Edited by Paul Van Mele 
CPL Press  2003   more details

Wetland Plants: Biology and Ecology
Julie K Cronk, M. Siobhan Fennessy 
CRC Press  2001   more details

Wetlands Ecosystems in Asia: Function and Management
Edited by M. Wong with contributions from 23 wetland experts 
Elsevier  August 2004   more details

Wild Urban Woodlands - New Perspectives for Urban Forestry
Edited by Ingo Kowarik and Stefan Körner 
Springer  2005   more details

Wildlife Population Growth Rates
Edited by R. M. Sibly, J. Hone, T. H. Clutton-Brock 
Cambridge University Press  August 2003   more details

World Agriculture: Towards 2015/2030 - An FAO Perspective
Edited by Jelle Bruinsma 
Earthscan  May 2003   more details

World Directory of Environmental Organizations
Edited by Ted Trzyna 
Earthscan  2001   more details

World Energy Resources
CE Brown 
Springer  2002   more details

Yearbook of International Co-operation on Environment and Development 2003/2004
The Fridtjof Nansen Institute 
Earthscan  2003   more details

geoENV III - Geostatistics for Environmental Applications
Edited by Pascal Monestiez , Denis Allard and Roland Froidevaux 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  August 2001   more details

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