Chemoecology of Insect Eggs and Egg Deposition

Edited by M Hilker and T Meiners 
Blackwell Publishing  2002  

Hardback  416pp, illustrated  ISBN 1405100087      £85.00
This volume is a valuable resource for researchers in chemical, molecular, behvioural and evolutionary ecology, insect morphology, insect physiology, phytopathology and pest control. It provides important infomration for those interested in both fundamental and applied research, but also for readers who are just fascinated by the mulitple facets of the chemoecology of insects

This is the first book focusing on the chemoecology of insect eggs and egg deposition. It covers a wide range of different issues including herbivorous and carnivorous insects, social insects and those of medical and veterinary importance. The knowledge compiled in this book may promote future studies on evolutionary aspects on insect reproductive behaviour as well as on controlling insect pests by targeting the egg stage.


  • Introduction: Hilker, M., Meiners, T.
  • Novel Morphological And Physiological Aspects Of Insect Eggs: Trougakos, I.P., Margaritis, L.H.
  • Insect Accessory Glands: Key Players In Production And Protection Of Eggs: Gillott, C.
  • Chemical Protection Of Insect Eggs: Blum, M.S., Hilker, M.
  • Paternal Investment In Egg Defence: Eisner, T. Et Al.
  • Brood Protection In Social Insects: Ayasse, M., Paxton, R.J.
  • The Role Of Microor-Ganisms For Eggs
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    Autumn 2002 : Blackwell : beneficials : biochemistry : biodiversity : biological control : crop protection : ecology : entomology : environmental science : evolution : plant pathology

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