Plant Developmental Biology - Biotechnological Perspectives (vol 1 and 2)

Edited by Pua, Eng Chong; Davey, Michael R. 
Springer  December 2009  

Hardcover  497 pp  ISBN 9783642023002      £135.00

Hardcover  423 pp  ISBN 9783642046698      £135.00

HC set vol 1 and vol 2  920 pp  ISBN 9783642048777      £224.00
Understanding the mechanisms whereby plant development is regulated is crucial for crop improvement using genetic engineering. This work, comprising two volumes, reviews recent advances in plant developmental biology and explores the possibility of their practical applications from biotechnological perspectives.

Volume 1 deals with the plant model and its life cycle. Topics include the formation of shoots, roots, flowers and gametes, pollen germination, fertilization, fruit development and ripening, seed development, dormancy and germination, apomixis, male sterility and self-incompatibility.

Volume 2 focuses on development-related areas, including tissue culture (somatic embryogenesis, microspore embryogenesis, somaclonal variation), plant processes (photosynthesis, seed maturation and seed proteins, fatty acids, vitamins, alkaloids, flower pigments and scent), signalling (amino compound-containing lipids, auxins, cytokinins and light), and molecular genetics of developmental regulation (RNA silencing, DNA methylation, epigenetics, activation tagging, homologous recombination and synthetic promoter engineering).

This work is a key reference for plant breeders, researchers and graduate students in the fields of plant biotechnology, agronomy, horticulture, genetics and functional genomics, and cell and molecular biology.

Written for: Plant breeders, researchers and advanced students


Part I Models for Plant Development

1 Gene Regulatory Models for Plant Development and Evolution - E.R. Alvarez-Buylla, M. Ben?€tez, M. Aldana, G.J. Escalera-Santos, A € Chaos, P. Padilla-Longoria, and R. Verduzco-Va€zquez

2 Arabidopsis as Model for Developmental Regulation and Crop Improvement - C.M. Liu

Part II Vegetative Growth and Development

3 Axillary Shoot Branching in Plants - M.W.F. Yaish, D.R. Guevara, A. El-Kereamy, and S.J. Rothstein

4 Bud Dormancy and Growth - D. Horvath

5 Root Development - L. Jansen, B. De Rybel, V. Vassileva, and T. Beeckman

6 Legume Nodule Development - K. D'haeseleer, S. Goormachtig, and M. Holsters

7 Tuber Development - W.L. Morris and M.A. Taylor

8 Senescence - C. Zhou and S. Gan

Part III Reproductive Growth and Development

9 Floral Organ Initiation and Development - M. Bemer and G.C. Angenent

10 Control of Flower Development - H. Yamashita and Y. Komeda

11 Development and Function of the Female Gametophyte - N. Sa€nchez-Leo€n and J.-P. Vielle-Calzada

12 Male Gametophyte Development - D. Twell

13 Pollen Germination and Tube Growth - D.-Q. Shi and W.-C. Yang

14 Fertilization in Angiosperms - S.D. Russell

15 Fruit Development - H. Ezura and K. Hiwasa-Tanase

16 Mechanism of Fruit Ripening - M. Bouzayen, A. Latche€, P. Nath, and J.C. Pech

17 Seed Development - B. Dubreucq, S. Baud, I. Debeaujon, C. Dubos, A. Marion-Poll, M. Miquel, H. North, C. Rochat, J.-M. Routaboul, and L. Lepiniec

18 Seed Dormancy: Approaches for Finding New Genes in Cereals - J.M. Barrero, J. Jacobsen, and F. Gubler

19 Seed Germination - R.C. Martin, W.E. Pluskota, and H. Nonogaki

20 Apomixis in the Era of Biotechnology - E. Albertini, G. Barcaccia, A. Mazzucato, T.F. Sharbel, and M. Falcinelli

21 Male Sterility - C.D. Chase, A. Ribarits, and E. Heberle-Bors

22 Self-Incompatibility Systems in Flowering Plants - P. Kaothien-Nakayama, A. Isogai, and S. Takayama

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