Biogeochemistry - An analysis of global change (Second edition)

William H Schlesinger 
Academic Press  March 1997  

Softcover  588 pages  ISBN 9780126251555      £50.00
This book considers the effects of life on the Earth's chemistry on a global level. It employs current technology to extrapolate small-scale examples to the global level, and also discusses the instrumentation being used by NASA and its role in studies of global change. With the Earth's changing chemistry as the focus, this text pulls together the many disparate fields that are encompassed by the broad reach of biogeochemistry. With extensive interdisciplinary coverage of the topic at hand, this text will provide an excellent framework for those interested in global change and environmental chemistry serving as a useful self-study guide. It features an emphasis on the effects of life on the basic chemistry of the atmosphere, the soils, and seawaters of the Earth and calculates and compares the effects of industrial emissions, land clearing, agriculture, and rising population on Earth's chemistry. It covers the global cycles of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulphur and suggests the best current budgets for atmospheric gases such as ammonia, nitrous oxide, dimethyl sulfide, and carbonyl sulfide. It includes an extensive review and up-to-date synthesis of the current literature covering this subject.

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