Thermal Biomass Conversion

Edited by AV Bridgwater, H Hofbauer and S van Loo 
CPL Press  November 2009  

Hardcover  445 pp  ISBN 9781872691534      £125.00
This book represents the final report from the ThermalNet network.

ThermalNet was the latest thermal biomass conversion network to be carried out on a European basis. In addition to continuing work of earlier networks on pyrolysis and later pyrolysis and gasification, ThermalNet included combustion and hence covered all thermal biomass conversion technologies.

The project was funded by the European Commission Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI) through the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme with contributions from IEA Bioenergy on the pyrolysis theme and extensive interactions in all areas with the relevant IEA Bioenergy Tasks 32, 33 and 34.

The overall goal was to establish a comprehensive trans-European forum on thermal biomass conversion that covered all the technical, economic, market, environmental and policy issues that require consideration for the establishment of a successful European thermal bio-energy industry.

Topics addressed within the netwok and reported here include:

Characterisation & analysis
Co-processing & co-firing
Fouling, corrosion, erosion
Gas treatment
Science and modelling
Transport fuels

Barriers (technical and non-technical)
Education and training
Environment health & safety

This book will be of interest to those involved in renewable energy, biomass conversion, sustainable development and the environment.


Network leaders

1. Biomass Combustion Overview, Jaap Koppejan and Sjaak van Loo
2. Gasification - Technology Overview, H. Hofbauer
3. Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass, AV Bridgwater
4. Norms and Standards, A Oasmaa and D Meier
5. Cofiring and Co-Processing Biomass with Coal, J Koppejan and G Brem
6. Contribution of Energy Crops In Displacing Fossil Fuels In The EU, Michael Doran
7. Feedstocks for thermal conversion, Michael Doran
8. Fouling, Corrosion and Erosion, W R Livingston
9. Gas Treatment, Eva K Larsson and Harry Knoef
10. Gas Cleaning in Flue Gas from Combustion of Biomass, Kurt Carlsson
11. Gas Cleaning for Synthesis Applications, Hermann Hofbauer, Reinhard Rauch and Karl Ripfel-Nitsche
12. Science and Modelling - Literature Review on Fundamental Aspects of Thermal and Chemical Conversion of Biomass, Colomba Di Blas and Antonio Galgano
13. Science and Modelling - Review of Ongoing Research and Industrial Needs, Antonio Galgano and Colomba Di Blasi
14. Biofuels For Transport, Herman den Uil
15. Non-Technical Barriers, Patricia Thornley
16. Economics and Methodology of Guideline for Techno Economic Assessment (TEA), Maximilian Lauer
17. Education and Training, D Chiaramonti
18. Health, Safety, Environment Issues Related to Biomass Thermochemical Conversion Processes, F. Broust, Ruedi Bülher , G. Volle and P. Girad

Summary Papers on Policy and Strategy

Biomass Combustion, Sjaak van Loo and Jaap Koppejan
Biomass Gasification, H Hofbauer
Biomass Pyrolysis, AV Bridgwater

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