The Pesticide Manual - 16th edition

BCPC  November 2012  

Hardcover  1440 pp  ISBN 9781901396867      £275.00
Note The new edition is available from mid-November 2012

This information is also available in electronic format with enhanced content and annual updates.

TThe Pesticide Manual , complied by BCPC to ensure independent and impartial data, is internationally regarded as the preferred source of pesticide information. The content of the sixteenth edition has been extensively revised and updated, including EU registration status under the new regulation implemented in 2011.

This book offers an unique source of information including:

  • verified information supplied by manufacturing companies worldwide.
  • full details are provided for 45 additional synthetic molecules including some still under development.
  • 920 main entries plus 710 supplementary short entries.
  • the first approvals under the new EU Pesticides legislation (EU1107/2009), which was implemented in June 2011 Pesticide Data Sheets, International Chemical Safety Cards, EU Review Reports and EPA Fact Sheets.
  • updated company data reflecting continuing industry changes.


The Pesticide Manual includes entries for herbicides, fungicides, acaricides, nematicides, plant growth regulators, herbicide safeners, repellents, synergistics, pheromones, beneficials, rodenticides and ectoparasiticides.

For each entry data is presented covering:

  • Chemical structure, field of use and class
  • Nomenclature, including common, IUPAC and Chemical Abstract names, CAS RN, EC number and development code
  • Full physical chemistry details
  • Comprehensive information on patent, history and manufacture
  • Mode of action, biochemistry, uses, formulation type, selected products and mixtures
  • Information on toxicological reviews and status under EU Regulations 1107/2009
  • Mamalian toxicology profiles
  • Ecotoxicological data covering birds, fish, bees, etc.
  • Environmental fate information for anumals, plants, soil and environment

Each entry is indexed by name, molecular formula and CAS RN. There is also a useful reference section that includes a glossary of species, directory of companies, abbreviations and codes, plus a bibiography with internet addresses.

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