The Manual of Biocontrol Agents - Fourth edition

Edited by Leonard G. Copping 
BCPC  November 2009  

Hard cover  896 pp  ISBN 9781901396171      £165.00
The benefits of using protection agents derived from natural sources are now well established in horticulature, forestry and some agricultural applications. Such agents have been shown to control many commercially important invertebrate, weeed and pathogenic pests. In addition their efficacy in specialised situations, such as protected crops, is well established.

Extensive information concerning such products can be found in the completely revised and updated, fourth edition of the Manual of Biocontrol Agents that contains 452 detailed entries of biocontrol agents used in the production of over 2,000 commercial products. It includes:

  • 149 micro-organisms
  • 89 natural products
  • 140 macro-organisms
  • 74 semiochemicals

Data for each entry includes:

  • nomenclature
  • source & production
  • target pests & target crops
  • mode of action
  • biological activity
  • efficacy
  • products and tradenames
  • manufacturers & commercial suppliers
  • application & compatibility
  • product specifications
  • mammalian and non-target toxicity & environmental impact
  • organic farming use

Appendices and glossary cover:

  • common names, CAS registry numbers and code numbers
  • tradenames and superseded names
  • Latin/English & English/Latin glossary
  • directory of biocontrol companies
  • taxonomic species and genera

As most actives listed are generally compatible with organic farming practices, a very useful section summarises the requirements demanded by IFOAM, the organic farming accreditation authority.

Although different in style, The Manual of Biocontrol Agents is complementary to The Pesticide Manual, the 15th edition of which is also published in November 2009. Where appropriate, entries are cross-referenced.

All those involved in the practice, administration, regulation of - or educational fields - in organic or conventional crop protection and environmental safety will find this a definitive source of global biocontrol information.

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