Mycorrhiza - State of the Art, Genetics and Molecular Biology, Eco-Function, Biotechnology, Eco-Physiology, Structure and Systematics (3rd edition)

Edited by A Varma 
Springer  July 2008  

Hardcover  797 pages  ISBN 9783540788249      £305.00
This third updated and revised edition emphasises strongly on genetics and molecular biology. It contains new chapters, which are written by the leading experts in their respective field of knowledge and expertise.

Mycorrhizas are symbioses between fungi and the roots of higher plants. As more than 90% of all known species of plants have the potential to form mycorrhizal associations, the productivity and species composition and the diversity of natural ecosystems are frequently dependent upon the presence and activity of mycorrhizas. The biotechnological application of mycorrhizas is expected to promote the production of food while maintaining ecologically and economically sustainable production systems.

Written for Scientists; teachers; advanced students


Part I State of the Art
Mycorrhizal Fungi: What We Know and What Should We Know?, E Mohammadi Goltapeh, Y Rezaee Danesh, R Prasad, and A Varma
Diversity, Function and Potential Applications of the Root-Associated Endophytes , S A Kageyama, K G Mandyam, and A Jumpponen
Structure, Extent and Functional Signifi cance of Belowground Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Networks, M Giovannetti
Foraging for Resources in Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi: What is an Obligate Symbiont Searching for and How is it Done?, Mayra E Gavito, Pål Axel Olsson
Global Diversity Patterns of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi-Community Composition and Links with Functionality, Maarja Öpik, Ülle Saks, Jennifer Kennedy, and Tim Daniell Mycorrhiza Helper Bacteria, Mika T Tarkka, Pascale Frey-Klett

Part II Genetics and Molecular Biology
Genomic Organization and Mechanisms of Inheritance in Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi: Contrasting the Evidence and Implications of Current Theories, James D Bever, Hyun-Joo Kang, Wittaya Kaonongbua, and Mei Wang
Ectomycorrhiza and Water Transport , €aklina Marjanovic€, Uwe Nehls
Hypogeous Pezizaceae: Physiology and Molecular Genetics , Varda Kagan-Zur, Marianna Zaretsky, Yaron Sitrit, and Nurit Roth-Bejerano
Evaluation of the Possible Participation of Drought-induced Genes in the Enhanced Tolerance of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Plants to Water Defi cit , Juan Manuel Ruiz-Lozano, Rosa Porcel, and Ricardo Aroca

Part III Eco-Function The Benefi cial Effect of Mycorrhizae on N Utilization by the Host-Plant: Myth or Reality?, Anthony Gobert, Claude Plassard
Ion Dynamics During the Polarized Growth of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi: From Presymbiosis to Symbiosis , Alessandro C Ramos, Arnoldo R Façanha, and José A Feijó
Arbuscular Mycorrhiza in Metal Hyperaccumulating Plants, Marjana Regvar, Katarina Vogel-Mikus
Mycorrhizal Fungi and Other Root Endophytes as Biocontrol Agents Against Root Pathogens , S Tripathi, S Kamal, I Sheramati, R Oelmuller, and A Varma
The Biocontrol Effect of Mycorrhization on Soilborne Fungal Pathogens and the Autoregulation of the AM Symbiosis: One Mechanism, Two Effects? , H Vierheilig, S Steinkellner, T Khaosaad, and JM Garcia-Garrido
Resource Partitioning Between Extraradical and Intraradical AM Fungal Mycelium , Ingrid M van Aarle, Pål Axel Olsson
Ozone Stress and Ectomycorrhizal Root-Shoot Signaling , Hojka Kraigher, Tine Grebenc, and David E Hanke

Part IV Biotechnology From Production to Application of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal
Fungi in Agricultural Systems: Requirements and Needs. Jacqueline Baar
Agronomic Management of Indigenous Mycorrhizas , Isabel Brito, Michael J Goss, Mário de Carvalho,
Diederik van Tuinen, and Pedro M Antunes AM Inoculation in Tropical Agriculture: Field Results, Gisela Cuenca, Alicia Cáceres, and María Gabriela González
The International Market Development for Mycorrhizal Technology, Miroslav Vosátka, Jana Albrechtová, and Robert Patten
Why and How Using Micropropagated Trees rather than Germinations for Controlled Synthesis of Ectomycorrhizal Associations?, Sylvie Herrmann, François Buscot Biotechnology and Cultivation of Desert Truffl es, A Morte, M Honrubia, and A Gutiérrez
The Fungal Transmitted Viruses, Dipika Singh, Neeraj Verma, and Ajit Varma

Part V Eco-Physiology
Intertwined Existence: The Life of Plant Symbiotic Fungi in Agricultural Soils, Walid Ellouze, Keith Hanson, Atul Nayyar, Juan Carlos Perez, and Chantal Hamel
Macroecology of Microbes - Biogeography of the Glomeromycota, V B Chaudhary, M K Lau, and N C Johnson
Arbuscular Mycorrhiza of Endangered Plant Species: Potential Impacts on Restoration Strategies, Birgit Fuchs, Kurt Haselwandter
Community Developmental Patterns and Ecological Functions of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi: Implications from Primary Succession , Kazuhide Nara
Colonization of Plant Roots by Pseudomonads and AM Fungi: A Dynamic Phenomenon, Affecting Plant Growth and Health, Guido Lingua, Elisa Gamalero, Anna Fusconi, Philippe Lemanceau, and Graziella Berta
In vitro Cultures Open New Prospects for Basic Research in Arbuscular Mycorrhizas , Custodia Cano, Sandy Dickson, Manuel González-Guerrero and Alberto Bago
Interactions of Piriformospora indica with Medicinal Plants, R Prasad, M Sharma, S Chatterjee, G Chauhan, S Tripathi, A Das, S Kamal, AKS Rawat, KK Bhutani, MK Rai, P Pushpangdan, and A Varma
In Vivo Assessment of Stress Impact on Plant's Vitality: Applications in Detecting and Evaluating the Benefi cial Role of Mycorrhization on Host Plants, Merope Tsimilli-Michael, Reto J Strasser

Part VI Structure and Systematics
Edible Mycorrhizal Fungi: Identifi cation, Life Cycle and Morphogenesis, C Murat, A Mello, S Abbà, A Vizzini, and P Bonfante
Arbuscular Mycorrhiza in Physiological and Morphological Adaptations of Mediterranean Plants, Cristina Cruz, Patricia Correia, Alessandro Ramos, Luís Carvalho, Alberto Bago, and Maria Amélia Martins Louçao
Novel Symbiotrophic Endophytes, Amit C Kharkwal, Harsha Kharkwal, Irena Sherameti, Ralf Oelmuller, and Ajit Varma
Frankia Nodulation, Mycorrhization and Interactions Between Frankia and Mycorrhizal Fungi in Casuarina Plants, X H He, C Critchley


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