The Handbook of Bird Identification

Mark Beaman, Steve Madge 
A&C Black  1998  

Hardcover   872 pages, 357 Colour Plates, 625 Colour Maps  ISBN 9780713639605      £80.00
A Helm Identification Guide - 1999 Birdwatch Bird Book of the Year

Drawing on their unrivaled field experience in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, authors Mark Beaman and Steve Madge have combined forces with some of Europe's finest bird artists to produce the region's most comprehensive guide ever. This is the first book to cover every species to have occurred in the region, including vagrants and accidentals--nearly nine hundred species in total. Color illustrations depict each bird and its main plumage stages and subspecies. An extensive text explains all aspects of identification, status, and habitat, while full-color maps within the text offer detailed distributional information.

During the compilation of this book, Beaman and Madge traveled throughout the region, from Iceland and Siberia to the Cape Verde Islands, Egypt, and Georgia. Their field experience is reflected in the breadth and accuracy of the information presented in this guide and in the thorough treatment of difficult or little-known groups. The innovative design of the book makes it accessible to beginning and expert birdwatchers alike.

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