Handbook of Pest Management

Edited by John R Ruberson 
Marcel Dekker  1999  

Hardcover  864 pages, illustrated  ISBN 9780824794330      £190.00
This book covers the management of crop pests, including current information on all classes of crop pests including invertebrates, pathogens and vertebrates. Areas covered include the role of pests as part of the ecosystem, the role of plants in pest management, the biology and management of agricultural pests and considers pest manageent issues. It includes an overview of plant pathogens covering both cultural and biological mehtods of control as well as chemical approaches. It also covers a wide range of approaches for control of arthropods (biological, genetic, chemical - including the use of behaviour modifying chemicals). Aspects of weed control include mechanical methods, biological approaches and chemical control.


  • Agricultural systems as ecosystems;
  • soil effects on pest populations;
  • weather influences on pest movement;
  • landscape structure and extra-field processes - impact on management of pasts and beneficials;
  • direct and indirect effects of plants on performance of beneficial organisms;
  • mechanisms of plant resistance against anthropod pests;
  • plant resistance to pathogens;
  • approaches to plant breeding and genetic engineering;
  • acquisition and maintenance of resistant germplasm;
  • general overview of plant pathogenic organisms;
  • cultural approaches to managing plant pathogens;
  • biological control of plant pathogens;
  • chemical approaches to managing plant pathogens;
  • anthropods as pests of plants - an overview;
  • cultural approaches to managing anthropod pests;
  • biological control of anthropod pests;
  • chemical approaches to managing anthropod pests;
  • genetic approaches to managing anthropod pests;
  • behaviour-modifying chemicals in management of anthropod pests;
  • general overview of weeds in crop systems;
  • cultural approaches to weed management;
  • biological approaches to weed management;
  • chemical approaches to weed management;
  • overview and management of vertebrate pests;
  • impact of tillage systems on pest management;
  • effects of agrichemicals on nontarget populations;
  • reducing agricultural pesticide losses to surface and groundwater resources;
  • decision thresholds in pest management;
  • economics of pest management;
  • professional training and technology transfer.
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