Biomass for Fuel, Fibre, Fertiliser and Feed: Agro-industrial Reports

CPL Press  2004  

CD-ROM  2334 pages as PDFs  ISBN 187269182x      £20.00

This CD-ROM includes full versions of 10 Reports that were produced under the Agro-Industrial Research (AIR) Programme. It includes a total of 2334 pages of indexed reports in PDF format, comprehensively covering the use of non-food crops for fuel, fibre, fertiliser and feed in Europe.

The CD has been compiled by BioMatNet, an initiative supported by EC DG Research through QLK5.


1. Thermal Biomass conversion and utilisation - Biomass Information Systems

2. Ways to Improve the Quality of Domestically Produced Proteins for use in the Animal Feed Industry

3. Production of Thermo-Bioplastics and Fibres based mainly on Biological Materials

4. Soil Fertility and Cultivation of Energy Crops

5. Lignocellulosic energy crops in different agricultural scenarios

6. Integrated biomass system

7. Industrial Fibre Crops - Increased Application of Domestically Produced Plant Fibres in Textiles, Pulp and Paper Production, and Composite Materials

8. Biomass Gasification in Europe

9. Bioconversion Assessment study

10. Biofuels - Application of Biologically Derived Products as Fuels or Additives in Combustion Engines

System Requirements

The CD-ROM is designed for a PC running Windows 95 and above, and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. A free copy of this is included.
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