Handbook of Frozen Foods

Edited by Y. H. Hui, Paul Cornillon, Isabel Guerrero Legarreta, Miang Lim, K. D. Murrell, Wai-Kit Nip 
Marcel Dekker  2004  

Hard Cover  1293 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824747121      £197.00
  • Includes more than 1700 current references for further exploration of the topic
  • Provides tables and examples illustrating the effect of various chemical and biochemical reactions on the quality of frozen food systems
  • Discusses methods to select the most appropriate packaging materials for frozen foods
  • Contains practical guidelines to ensure the safety of frozen food products
  • Offers strategies to reduce the deterioration rate of frozen foods
Handbook of Frozen Foods describes the manufacture, processing, inspection, and safety of frozen foods. It surveys a range of topics in frozen food packaging, quality, and shelf-life from more than 50 of the most respected leaders in the field. The book describes the procedures, regulations, and technologies impacting each category of frozen food production, from red meat, poultry, and eggs to fruit, vegetables, dairy, and bakery products. Outlining procedures before and after freezing that optimize the quality and texture of frozen foods, the book discusses practical guidelines to ensure the safety and reduce their deterioration of frozen food products.

Partial Contents

Frozen And Freezing Principles
Freezing processes; physical aspects
Alain LeBail
Principles of freeze-concentration and freeze-drying
J. Welti-Chanes, D. Bermúdez, A. Valdez-Fragoso, H. Mújica-Paz, and S. M. Alzamora
Principles of frozen storage
Genevieve Blond and Martine Le Meste
Frozen Food Packaging
Kit L. Yam, Hua Zhao, and Christopher C. Lai

Frozen Food Characteristics
Frozen food components and chemical reactions
M.H. Lim, J.E. McFetridge, and J. Liesebach
Flavor of frozen foods
Edith Ponce-Alquicira
Food sensory attributes
Patti C. Coggins and Roberto S. Chamul
Texture in frozen foods
William L Kerr

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