Tobacco BY-2 Cells

Edited by Nagata, Toshiyuki; Hasezawa, Seiichiro; Inzé, Dirk 
Springer  2004  

Hardcover  350 pp, 83 illus, 12 in color  ISBN 9783540402565      £206.00
The first compilation of a wealth of knowledge on tobacco BY-2 cells, often cited as the HeLa cell line of higher plants. Basic issues of cell cycle progression, cytokinesis, cell organization and factors that are involved in these processes are covered in detail. Since the tobacco cell line is used as a tool for research in molecular and cellular biology, several chapters on such studies are also included. Further, changes of primary and secondary metabolites during culture and factors that affect these processes are treated. Last but not least, the so far unpublished historical background of the BY-2 cell line is described.This volume is a must for any scientist working in the field of plant biology.

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Spring 2004 : Springer : biotechnology : cell biology : cell culture : plant science

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