Encyclopedia of Pest Management

David Pimentel 
Marcel Dekker  September 2002  

Hard Cover  903 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824706326      £375.00

The Encyclopedia of Pest Management is a key reference work for professionals in academia, industry and government, as well as students at all levels. It is designed to be regularly consulted for immediate and precise information to guide students, scholars, workers, the public and policy makers. Contributions address a wide spectrum of scientific and human topics, concepts, methodologies, strategies, solutions, questions, and dilemmas. Coverage includes:

  • principles of integrated pest management (IPM)
  • pests and their management in crops and livestock
  • insect pests
  • weed pests
  • plant pathogens
  • vertebrate pests
  • crop, livestock, and stored-food losses
  • biological, cultural, and mechanical pest control
  • pest control through breeding and bio- and gene-technology
  • pesticides: types and uses
  • pesticide and biocide application technology
  • pesticide laws and regulations
  • semiochemicals
  • water and soil pollution from pesticide use
  • ecological backlash
  • environmental impacts of pesticides and biocides
  • human health impacts and the costs of pesticide use
  • prevention aspects of pest management, including forecasting, modeling, conservation, monitoring, and scouting
  • pest management and sustainable agriculture
  • social, ethical, and economic aspects, issues and debates
  • biochemical, ecological, behavioral, environmental, climatic interactions
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